who is the acrimonious bitch?

aaahhh, so you want to know who i am.

well, i’ve hit a point in my life where i can say that i don’t care that you want to know who i am.  but you’re reading parts of my life story that i care to share with you.  and that being said, you knowing just a basic background of who i am before, during, or after your dive into my life ain’t a bad idea.

so, dear reader, this is me.  i wear more hats than i have hat boxes for. my first and foremost job is a mom to the most amazing and incredible and fascinating kids there are.  by profession i’m an hr person.  by trade a bartender.  some may say that by night i fight crime too.  but my dreams aren’t always that vivid even though i do have socks that have capes on them (don’t ask about the underwear).  i’m an entrepreneur.  i’m a woman, and a badass, knock-your-socks-off one at that.

most of my posts will probably connect somehow with this stupid divorce that i went through for way to long and the aftermath of it.  most days are good, but some aren’t, even in the “new world order” my (wonderful) lawyer always called it.  when i get pissed off or frustrated, i need to vent.  but some of the posts won’t be that way.

i love to read.  and when i take the time to read, i get inspired to write.  for me, reading begets writing.  so when i write, you’ll know that either i’m pissed off or bored (giving me time to read).

thank you for venturing into my world.  or not.  it’s up to you.  i shall continue this journey whether you are here or not.

why acrimonious bitch?  because bitter bitch was already taken…  and while i consider myself to be neither bitter nor acrimonious, i’m just tired of being expected to bite my tongue.

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